Referrals and Rewards

Benefits of being a Skin Federation Member

Earn Points

5 points for $1 you spend
50 points for sharing on Facebook
50 points for liking us on Facebook
50 points for following us on Insta
200 points when you signup
200 points for your birthday

$20 Vouchers

Send your friends a $20 voucher to use on any order over $80. If they use it, you also get a $20 voucher. win, win, win

Supporting Small Business

You will be supporting a family run small business.

Discounts & Promotions

Seasonal discounts, promotions and coupon codes.

Sign up to our Rewards and Referral Program

To sign up, simply Create an Account and then see your rewards and referral links by clicking on the Rewards icon in the bottom right of the screen.

Access the SkinFed Loyalty program

Rewards Button

The rewards button is the gateway to signing up and earning rewards.


Click this button to create your account or to sign in.


Once signed in you will have access to your rewards panel, Ways to earn points and the ability to share a $20 voucher with friends.

Rewards Panel

Earn Points

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