2 Pack Bundle (Hydrating Gel and Micellar Serum)

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Product Overview

This bundle includes our 2 most popular intimate care range which has been specifically designed with women's wellbeing in mind.

Products in the bundle include:

Prebiotic Intimate Hydrating Gel (75ml)
Prebiotic Intimate Cleansing Micellar Serum (75ml)

Prebiotic Intimate Hydrating Gel.

This prebiotic Intimate hydrating gel provides instant relief for dry uncomfortable genital area but more importantly contains a unique combination of powerful humectants that retain moisture and provide long term hydration to the inside area as well as outside skin surrounding the vagina. Sodium Hyaluronate present in this product acts as a water reservoir and releases moisture gradually over time for a long-lasting hydrating effect. It contains powerful anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agents to alleviate irritation and inflammation for continuous comfort in the sensitive feminine genital area. The balanced pH combined with a prebiotic encourages the development of a healthy microflora which assists in reducing odour, redness, and itchiness while increasing hydration.

Prebiotic Intimate Cleansing Micellar Serum.

This Intimate Micellar Serum combines micelle technology for effective cleansing with added benefits of prebiotics and anti-irritants to balance intimate microflora and provide soothing affects for an effective daily care of women's intimate area. No rinse is required after use which makes this product a convenient cleanser for quick freshening up between showers. It can also be used immediately after shower to re-balance intimate microflora for long lasting comfort. It is Sulfate free and free of harsh chemicals to avoid sensitising side effects that conventional cleansers leave behind. It contains soothing Aloe Vera Extract and Allantoin to provide synergistic anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant benefits. The balanced pH combined with prebiotics and Lactic Acid encourages the development of a healthy microflora which assists in reducing odour, redness, and itchiness.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review